JAMA Internal Medicine published a report this week titled, Industry Relationships Among Academic Institutional Review Board Members: Changes From 2005 Through 2014, which is an update to a similar study conducted in 2005. The study found that although there were no significant changes in the percentage of institutional review board (IRB) members with an industry relationship, the number of respondents who stated that they always disclose industry relationships increased significantly from 54.9% in 2005 to 80.0% in 2014. IRB members also reported a decrease in instances where they felt another IRB member did not properly disclose a financial relationship and pressure from their institution or department to approve a protocol. Nevertheless, there was not a significant change among the number of IRB members who voted on protocols in which they had a conflict of interest, leading the study authors to conclude that additional work is needed to ensure that IRB members are educated on what constitutes a conflict of interest and to deter IRB members from inappropriately voting on protocols in which they have a conflict.