EPA has issued a direct final rule (DFR) revising the Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) for hazardous wastes from the production of carbamates and carbamate commercial chemical products, and off-specification or manufacturing chemical intermediates and container residues that become hazardous wastes under RCRA when discarded. 76 Fed. Reg. 34,147 (6/13/11). The DFR revises existing LDR that currently require carbamate waste products to meet certain concentration limits before they can be disposed, with an alternative standard that would allow best demonstrated available technologies when treating carbamate, a chemical compound used in pesticides.

The DFR would allow wastewater containing carbamates to be treated through combustion, chemical oxidation, biodegradation, or carbon absorption. For non-wastewater applications, the DFR would allow combustion only. The DFR will be effective August 12, 2011, unless EPA receives significant adverse comments by July 13. If received, EPA will consider the comments on a simultaneously published proposed rule for 30 days.