One month after rejecting Qualcomm’s application to launch wireless broadband services in four regions, India’s Department of Telecommunications (DOT) has reversed course by approving the U.S. chipmaker’s request. Qualcomm, the sole foreign entity to win spectrum in an auction of wireless broadband licenses sponsored by the Indian government last year, paid $1 billion for rights to serve the regions of Delhi, Mumbai, Karala, and Haryana. Following its auction win, Qualcomm established four Indian-based entities that would hold the licenses in question, and the government initially took issue with that action on grounds that Qualcomm should have nominated one company that would hold a single license to cover all four areas. Although Qualcomm later offered to nominate a single entity to hold its license, the DOT ultimately rejected Qualcomm’s proposed remedy on grounds that Qualcomm had failed to apply for a single license in a timely manner. Qualcomm, which had promised to appeal the DOT’s decision, confirmed on Tuesday that it had received a letter from the DOT offering to grant it a single license that would provide rights to all four regions won in last year’s auction. Officials of Qualcomm and the DOT offered no further comment.