Liability was admitted for wrongful birth of Claimant’s son, aged five. Interim payments of £500,000 had already been made and a request was made for further £1.5 million to cover cost of providing additional care and alternative accommodation, for which there was a pressing need. The sum was calculated using multiplier of 11.99 on basis of conservative expert assessment of the son’s prognosis that he would live until age 20. The Trust argued that appropriate multiplier should be 10.5 as there should be a further discount to account for possibility of sudden death but this was not accepted by the Court who agreed with the Claimant the correct multiplier was for term certain (i.e. 11.99). On the basis of this multiplier, the Court concluded a conservative estimate of likely the final judgment which was £1.8 million. The Court considered that in these circumstances a further interim payment of £1.2 million was appropriate. Whilst the interim payment was a high proportion of the likely final judgment, the Court was satisfied that the amount was of reasonable proportion in light of the pressing circumstances.