On August 14, NYSE Regulation, Inc. issued an Information Memo regarding the procedures related to questioned trade resolution during comparison of executed transactions pursuant to Rules 134 of the New York Stock Exchange, LLC (NYSE) and NYSE Amex LLC (NYSE Amex). The questioned trade resolution process, governed by NYSE and NYSE Amex Rules 134, requires that clearing member organizations resolve any trades that have not been successfully compared by the first business day after the trade date (T+1). NYSE and NYSE Amex Rules 134 were amended on May 28 to clarify that, depending on the trade, the exchanges will assign a clearing firm or a designated market making unit as the contra side to an imbalance in any omnibus account that is used by the On-Line Comparison System. The assignment of a default contra side will allow the omnibus accounts to balance while any open trade or imbalance is researched and resolved subsequent to the second day after the trade.

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