The SEC recently announced an enforcement action against a former compliance officer who allegedly altered a document before it was produced to the SEC during an investigation.  Judy K. Wolf, Exchange Act Release No. 73,350 (Oct. 15, 2014).  According to the SEC’s order initiating the administrative proceeding, the former compliance officer for Wells Fargo Advisors was responsible for identifying potentially suspicious trading by firm personnel, customers or clients, and for analyzing whether identified trades may have been based on material nonpublic information.  In September 2010, the officer created a document to summarize her review of trading by a particular broker and closed the review with no findings.  The SEC subsequently charged the broker with insider trading.  In 2012, the SEC requested documents from Wells Fargo.  In December 2012, the officer allegedly altered the document to make it appear that she had performed a more thorough review than she actually had, and Wells Fargo then provided the document to the SEC.  SEC staff discovered the alteration and asked the officer about it.  The officer initially denied altering the document but later testified that she had done so.  The SEC is charging the officer with aiding and abetting and causing Wells Fargo to violate provisions of the securities laws related to recordkeeping and records production.