The Central Bank has issued details of its deadlines for receipt of applications:

  • for approval of funds and sub-funds and manager applications that have pre-Christmas or pre year-end approval deadlines (this includes self-managed/internally managed investment company applications and risk management processes); and
  • for approval of post-authorisation amendments that have pre-Christmas or pre year- end approval deadlines.

Normal timeframes apply for QIAIF authorisations and filings until 22 December. QIAIF filing deadlines for the Christmas period are detailed below. 

The Central Bank has requested specific details of applications which have pre-Christmas or pre-year end approval deadlines to be lodged with it by close of business on Friday 3 October 2014 so please let us know if you are considering any such application.

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*A fast-track system can be used for clone fund and sub-fund applications and non-complex sub-funds established by way of supplement.

QIAIF Filings Normal timeframes apply until 22 December.

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*29 December is the first day after Christmas that funds may be authorised.

**2 January is the first day in 2015 that funds may be authorised.


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