In UBS Wealth Management (UK) Ltd and another v Vestra Wealth LLC and others, the High Court granted a temporary springboard injunction against Vestra as a result of a mass poaching of staff from UBS. UBS accused Vestra, an investment company set up by former UBS executives, of pursuing a secret campaign to create a separate business using UBS staff and clients. UBS claimed it was “devastated” by the loss of 75 employees to Vestra since May 2008 and that it brought the proceedings to ensure that certain senior departing employees abided by their contractual obligations and to defend UBS’ legitimate business interests. In finding in UBS’ favour, the judge held that it was extremely likely that UBS would be able to establish at trial that the poaching had involved both a breach of the implied duty of fidelity by defecting staff and possibly an unlawful conspiracy. Pending the full trial, which will commence in October, Vestra is prohibited from, among other things, poaching any more UBS employees or doing business with existing UBS clients. The case illustrates the importance of including in the employment contracts of senior staff appropriately drafted restrictions on their joining together with other employees to compete after leaving.