The Vermont Supreme Court has dismissed a challenge by a local citizen group and two towns to a proposed wind energy project in the state’s Lowell Mountain region. In re Green Mountain Power Corp., No. 12-89 (Vt. 10/19/12). Petitioners sought to overturn several decisions of the state Public Service Board (PSB), which found that the project would not cause any significant environmental harm. Petitioners argued that (i) the project would negatively affect the region’s environment, (ii) PSB ignored evidence that the 21-turbine project would generate noise levels that could be harmful to neighbors, and (iii) it would despoil what was once a pristine area. The court ruled that the wind project’s positive effects, such as providing electricity and economic growth to the region, outweighed the potential environmental concerns. The court also found that PSB correctly found that the wind project will not cause any significant environmental harm.