The establishment is turning its back on Wikileaks - Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa. Twitter has been forced to explain why wikileaks is not trending on the site. Founder, Julian Assange, is in custody in the UK fighting attempts to extradite him to Sweden on sex crime charges.

But it's not all going one way. As we blogged earlier this week, "Operation Payback" is in full swing. There are well over a thousand Wikileaks mirrors (1368 as of this morning) and supporters have started downloading a botnet to attack websites of those against Wikileaks. And now threats of a lawsuit against Visa and Mastercard by Wikileaks payment processor, Datacell, presumably for breach of contract.

Love Wikileaks or loathe it, this is a fascinating battle being waged both in the cloud and in the real world. The legal fallout is likely to continue for quite some time yet.