On October 18th, the CFTC voted to adopt new final rules for derivatives clearing organizations ("DCOs"). The new regulations establish the regulatory standards for compliance with DCO Core Principles A (Compliance), B (Financial Resources), C (Participant and Product Eligibility), D (Risk Management), E (Settlement Procedures), F (Treatment of Funds), G (Default Rules and Procedures), H (Rule Enforcement), I (System Safeguards), J (Reporting), K (Recordkeeping), L (Public Information), M (Information Sharing), N (Antitrust Considerations), and R (Legal Risk). The new rules also (i) update and add related definitions; (ii) adopt implementing rules for DCO chief compliance officers; (iii) revise procedures for DCO applications; (iv) adopt procedural rules applicable to the transfer of a DCO registration; and (v) add requirements for approval of DCO rules establishing a portfolio margining program for customer accounts carried by a futures commission merchant that is also registered as a securities broker-dealer. The rules will generally be effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, which is expected during the week of October 24. CFTC Fact Sheet; CFTC Q&A.