Dateline: March 10, 2016 - London, Ontario

Question 1: What do Canada’s automotive manufacturers and digital media companies have in common?

Question 2: Why are North American retailers unable to sleep at night?

Question 3:  How are advertising rules changing in the United States?

The answer to all three questions is the same: data and cybersecurity. In our previous articles, we focused on a number of cross-border trade issues of importance to “brick and mortar” industries in Canada, from Buy America to trade policy. This posting will introduce a whole new world of exciting developments for companies dipping their toes (or taking the plunge) into e-commerce and digital entertainment.

Why? Survey says! A recent US survey of 1,400 CEOs showed that cybersecurity ranks among the top concerns of C-suite executives. Interestingly, their fears are even deeper than worries over product reliability, intellectual property protection, or system-wide failure. These CEOs also realize that protecting a company’s data means protecting a company’s brand.