Minnesota Public Radio and the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs recently released new presidential polling information for the state. The polling was conducted between January 18 and 27. Among Republicans, the results show Arizona Sen. John McCain enjoying a comfortable lead (41%) in every category and demographic over his nomination rivals Mike Huckabee (22%) and Mitt Romney (17%). And with former New York City Mayor Rudy Guliani polling around 6%, his recent withdrawal from the presidential race will have some effect on remaining candidates’ numbers.

On the Democratic side, Minnesotans appear to be leaning toward New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is leading Illinois Sen. Barack Obama by an overall margin of 40% to 33%. However, as with the Republican race, those numbers could change as former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards also recently dropped out of the race. (Edwards was polling at 12% in Minnesota.) Poll respondents from both sides overwhelmingly considered jobs and the economy to be the foremost problem facing the country, rather than the war in Iraq. The full results of the poll can be found at