The Beaver Watershed Alliance (“BWA”) announced the hiring of Melissa Welch as Outreach Coordinator.

Ms. Welch began her position in September.

BWA previously described the Outreach Coordinator position as including:

. . .working with a wide range of partners to conduct a broad scope of outreach and educational programs ranging from environmental stewardship events to one-on-one property visits to landowners.

See previous blog post here.

BWA states it was formed in 2011 to:

. . .establish programming to maintain high quality drinking water in Beaver Lake and improve water quality on the Beaver Lake Watershed. The Alliance represents a diverse stakeholder group from conservation, education, water utilities, technical and science, business, agriculture, recreation, and local government groups working together for the cause of clean water.

Ms. Welch holds a B.S. in Biology from Rhodes College and is pursuing her M.S. in Biology from the University of Arkansas. She has worked for the past three years at the University of Arkansas while researching aquatic invertebrates in streams throughout Northwest Arkansas. She is part of a Stream Smart volunteer group that does quarterly water quality reports on Baldwin Creek.