Summary and implications

At the end of last year we published our latest groundbreaking Healthcare survey in association with HealthInvestor magazine. This is the fifth year we have produced the survey enabling us to compare the views of the market year on year. This year’s survey is the culmination of 101 interviews with private-sector healthcare professionals – we hope you find it an interesting read.

Some of the key findings

  • Respondents on the whole think that the Health and Social Care Act will generate new opportunities for the private sector through encouraging competition in the NHS.
  • The market is not convinced that Government will take meaningful steps to integrate the funding of health and social care.
  • While our 2009 survey showed the majority of respondents believed that the value of healthcare companies would return to pre-credit crunch levels by 2012, in this year’s survey the consensus was that this was unlikely to happen until at least 2014.  
  • half of those surveyed believe that the NHS commissioning board (and not Clinical Commissioning Groups not Monitor) will be the most influential organisation in the reformed NHS in terms of decision making and control.
  • Expansion of the NHS brand overseas should create opportunity for the private sector.

For a full copy of the Healthcare Industry Barometer please click here