The National Labor Relations Board held public comment meetings on April 10 and 11 to hear from parties affected by its February 6 proposal to issue new rules for elections. As we have previously reported, the NLRB’s proposed rules tracked a proposal from 2011 that was issued invalidly and struck down in a court challenge. The current proposal appears to have been validly issued and would change the playing fi eld for representation elections to condense the proceedings and give an employer little time to communicate with workers about the election. As anticipated, speakers at the meeting advanced their side’s agenda. Organized labor representatives contended that the rules were needed to prevent delay in representation cases and level the playing fi eld, and that employers’ objections were baseless or should not be of concern. Employer advocates contended that the current rules have worked well and allow employees more time to consider the important issues in advance of their votes. The comment period closed on April 14, and the Board is now expected to issue some version of new election rules in the coming months.