The USPTO recently published its revised Patents fee schedule effective March 19, 2013. The fee schedule includes the current 50% discount for small entities and a 75% discount for microentities, defined at:

Fees for filing applications are up from $1,2060 to $1,600 as are excess claim fees, from $250 to $420 for independent claims in excess of 3 and from $62 to $80 for dependent claims in excess of 20. Extension fees will increase for a first extension of time, from $150 to $200, and from $570 to $600 and $1290 to $1,400 for second and third extensions. Filing RCE’s will also be more expensive, increasing from $930 to $1,200 for a first-time RCE and $1,400 for 2nd and subsequent filings.

Appeal fees not forwarded to the PTAB will drop from $1,260 to $800, but increase from $1,260 to $2,800 for appeals forwarded to the PTAB.

Issue fees will rise very slightly, from $1,770 to $1780 until Dec 31, 2013, then drop to $960 beginning Jan 1, 2014. Maintenance fees are all scheduled to increase substantially, from $1150 to $1,600 at 3.5 years, from $2,900 to $3,600 at 7.5 years and from $4,800 to $7,400 at 11 years.

More can be found on the USPTO website at: