The Irwindale, California, City Council has reportedly voted 4-0 to declare  that Huy Fong Foods, the maker of sriracha hot sauce, is maintaining a public  nuisance. If the council adopts an official resolution during its next meeting,  the company will have some 90 days to mitigate the odor, blamed by local  residents for their burning eyes and throats. The council’s action came despite  assurances from the company’s lawyer that it planned to submit an action  plan within the next two weeks and fix the odor problem by June 1. The  south Coast Air Quality Management District has been conducting tests at  the facility and claims that the problems could be resolved with active carbon  filters.

Irwindale has sued the popular hot sauce maker in superior court, claiming  that the company breached its development agreement and created a public  nuisance. The court granted the city’s request for a preliminary injunction  requiring Huy Fong Foods to cease emitting noxious or irritating odors and  set a trial for November, but complaints about odors have persisted. During  city council’s April 9, 2014, hearing, council members apparently decided to  designate the facility a public nuisance as insurance in the event that Huy  Fong Foods fails to install mitigation measures. The council also claimed that  it has the authority to enter the factory, make the needed changes and assess  costs to the owner, a news source said.

State sen. Ed Hernandez, speaking to the council through a representative,  called the company one of the “shining stars” in the local business community and offered to help it find a new base of operations in another city. See  Irwindale, California, Notice and Call of Special Meeting Agenda, April 3, 2014; Los Angeles Times, April 9, 2014.