A group of plaintiffs has filed a putative class action against Inko’s Tea alleging that the company’s tea products contain ascorbic acid, “a non-natural, highly chemically processed ingredient regularly used as a preservative,” despite advertising the products as “100% Natural.” Collazo v. Inko’s Tea, LLC, No. 15-3070 (E.D.N.Y., filed June 8, 2015). Inko’s has consistently presented its products as “100% All-Natural,” the complaint asserts, and contains “nothing but pure, freshly brewed tea from tea leaves with no added ingredients or preservatives.” The plaintiffs admit that “natural” has not specifically been defined, but assert “there is no reasonable definition of ‘All Natural’ that includes ingredients that even if sourced from ‘nature,’ are subjected to extensive transformative chemical processing before their inclusion in a product.” The complaint cites 51 statutes—one in each state and the District of Columbia—that the allegedly misleading “All Natural” marketing violates in addition to the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The plaintiffs seek certification of nationwide, California and New York classes, a declaratory judgment, damages, restitution and attorney’s fees.