With the beginning of 2016, Austrian pharmaceutical companies will have to disclose their annual payments to health care professionals and other healthcare facilities.

To develop and ensure the best pharmaceutical supply possible, cooperation among pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and other healthcare facilities is essential. To encourage public trust in the healthcare system and promote understanding for these collaborations the Austrian Pharmaceutical Industry Association (“Pharmig”) amended their code of conduct and thereby strengthened their transparency provisions.

The “Pharmig” code of conduct, which was established in 1970, regulates the commercialization and quality assurance of pharmaceutical products, as well as cooperation with other health care organizations and is binding for all members of “Pharmig”, these members cover a market share of 95% of the Austrian pharmaceutical market.

Due to this amendment of 2014 “Pharmig” members will be required to disclose a summary of their annual payments to any healthcare professionals and other healthcare facilities on their official website. This includes all financial and material donations and sponsorships, all consulting and service fees and monetary payments in connection with events, as well as development and research.

Of course all corresponding data protection guidelines have to be observed for all information published. Healthcare professionals and other healthcare facilities have to give their consent on whether such information can be disclosed. If not, the provided benefits have to be published anonymously and summarized.

Companies will have to publish their annual report within six months after the period to which they relate. The first data collection period will be 2015, therefore the first disclosures will have to be made in the first half of 2016.