Today, the EU has added 29 persons to the list of those targeted by an asset freeze and a visa ban because of their involvement in human rights violations in Iran.[1] In adopting its decision to extend the restrictive measures, the Council expressed its continuing deep concern regarding the human rights situation in Iran and repeated its calls on the Iranian authorities to live up to their international human rights obligations.

The US Government continues to have heightened enforcement regarding the US sanctions against Iran. In addition, the US Government yesterday designated additional Iranian persons due to their ties to the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps and their names have been added to the SDN list. These are Hamed Abdollahi, Manssor Arbasiar and Gholam Shakuri. Moreover, US Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued a final rule on 11 October 2011, implementing section 104(e) of the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act of 2010 (CISADA), imposing a requirement on US financial institutions that maintain correspondent accounts for non-US banks to report certain information with respect to transactions or other financial services provided by such non-US banks.

The individuals added to the EU sanctions, which include the Ministers of Justice, Intelligence and of Culture and Islamic Guidance as well as key members of the Judiciary, are listed below:

  1. Abbaszadehmeshkini, Mahmoud
  2. Akbarshahi, Ali-Reza
  3. Akharian, Hassan
  4. Avaee, Seyyed Ali- Reza (Aka: Avaee, Seyyed Alireza)
  5. Baneshi, Jaber
  6. Firuzabadi, Maj- Gen Dr Seyyed Hasan (Aka: Firuzabadi, Maj- Gen Dr Seyed Hassan; Firouzabadi, Maj- Gen Dr Seyyed Hasan; Firouzabadi, Maj- Gen Dr Seyed Hassan)
  7. Ganji, Mostafa Barzegar
  8. Habibi, Mohammad Reza
  9. Hejazi, Mohammad
  10. Heydari, Nabiollah
  11. Javani, Yadollah
  12. Jazayeri, Massoud
  13. Jokar, Mohammad Saleh
  14. Kamalian, Behrouz
  15. Khalilollahi, Moussa (Aka: Khalilollahi, Mousa)
  16. Mahsouli, Sadeq (Aka: Mahsuli, Sadeq)
  17. Maleki, Mojtaba
  18. Omid,I Mehrdad
  19. Salarkia, Mahmoud
  20. Souri, Hojatollah
  21. Tala, Hossein (Aka: Tala, Hosseyn)
  22. Tamaddon, Morteza (Aka: Tamadon, Morteza)
  23. Zebhi, Hossein
  24. Bahrami, Mohammad-Kazem
  25. Hajmohammadi, Aziz
  26. Bagheri, Mohammad-Bagher
  27. Bakhtiari, Seyyed Morteza
  28. Hosseini, Dr Mohammad (Aka: Hosseyni, Dr Seyyed Mohammad; Seyed, Sayyed and Sayyid)
  29. Moslehi, Heydar (Aka: Moslehi, Heidar; Moslehi, Haidar)



In view of the gravity of the situation in Belarus, the EU has added 16 persons to the list of those targeted by a visa ban and assets freeze including judges, prosecutors, prison officers and government officials. These sanctions take effect as of today.[2]

EU Member States may authorize, as they deem appropriate, the release of certain frozen funds or economic resources of listed individuals which may have a payment obligation under a contract or an agreement made prior to the date when the relevant individual was listed.[3]

List of persons and entities added to the sanctions list against Belarus:

  1. Kamisarau, Valery Mikalayevich Komissarov, Valeri Nikolaevich
  2. Stsiapurka, Uladzimir Mikhailavich Stepurko, Vladimir Mikhailovich
  3. Khrypach, Siarhei Fiodaravich Khripach, Sergei Fiodorovich
  4. Nazaranka, Vasil Andreyevich Nazarenko, Vasili Andreevich
  5. Kamarouskaya, Volha Paulauna Komarovskaia, Olga Pavlovna
  6. Zaitsava, Viktoryia Henadzeuna Zaitseva, Viktoria Gennadievna
  7. Unukevich, Tamara Vasileuna Vnukevich, Tamara Vasilievna
  8. Krot, Ihar Uladzimiravich Krot, Igor Vladimirovich
  9. Khrobastau, Uladzimir Ivanavich Khrobostov, Vladimir Ivanovich
  10. Ihnatovich-Mishneva, Liudmila Ignatovich-Mishneva, Liudmila
  11. Yarmalitski, Siarhei Uladzimiravich Ermolitski, Sergei Vladimirovich (Yermolitski, Sergei Vladimirovich)
  12. Kavaliou, Aliaksandr Mikhailavich Kovalev, Aleksandr Mikhailovich
  13. Paluyan, Uladzimir Mikalayevich Paluyan, Vladimir Nikolaevich
  14. Kornau, Uladzimir Uladzimiravich Kornov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
  15. Shastakou Maksim Aleksandrauvich (Shastakou Maksim Aleksandravich, Shastakou Maxim Aleksandrauvich, Shastakou Maxim Aleksandravich, Shastakou Maxsim Aleksandrauvich, Shastakou Maxsim Aleksandrauvich) Shestakov, Maksim Aleksandrovich
  16. Herasimovich Volha Ivanavna (Herasimovich Volha Ivanovna) Gerasimovich Olga Ivanovna



Earlier this week, the EU has reaffirmed its support for the authorities represented by the National Transitional Council and it looks forward to the formation of an inclusive and broad-based government.

The EU welcomed the continuation of UN operations to ensure the protection of the Libyan population and called on Colonel Kadhafi and his entourage to surrender.

Furthermore, the EU confirms its commitment to proceed to further delistings in order to make assets available in a transparent and responsible manner in conformity with the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.



The EU has also adopted a series of conclusions in relation to Syria. The EU has reiterated its strong condemnation of the Syrian regime. It has demanded that the Syrian authorities immediately cease its actions that it says amount to abuses of human rights. The EU is determined to actively pursue its current sanctions policy including its targeted sanctions against the Syrian regime and its supporters. The EU has recalled that the list of persons and entities targeted by restrictive measures is kept under constant review and is adapted accordingly.

Finally, the EU expressed its deep disappointment that the UN Security Council failed to adopt a resolution on the current developments in Syria and articulated its intention to continue to press for strong UN action to increase international pressure on the regime.