A group of more than 100 European perfume makers and cosmetic industry professionals gathered on April 7, 2014, in Paris, to voice concerns about European Commission (EC)  regulation no. 1223/2009, which seeks to tighten fragrance industry regulations with a series of  bans, labeling requirements and research projects aimed at protecting consumers from allergens. the  measures, which the EC proposed in response to recommendations from the scientific Committee on  Consumer Safety (SCCS), are currently subject to a public consultation that ends May 14.

At issue for beauty product and perfume manufacturers is the committee’s proposal to prohibit  certain substances, restrict the concentration of a series of others and add many substances to the  list of allergens that must be labeled. Claiming that the proposed regulations would seriously  damage the fragrance industry by forcing perfume makers to change many of their formulations and thus incur extra costs, members of the group also note that regulatory changes  could compromise the european perfumery industry’s reputation as a cultural asset. “Further  restrictions of the type currently proposed will not only continue this destructive trend, but  will also send a message that europe has turned its back on an important aspect of its own rich  cultural heritage,” states an online petition from industry group perfumo international.

“With our signatures, we request that the decision-makers obtain a comprehensive perspective  beyond the scope of the narrow confines of the [SCCS] opinion. this broad and complete perspective  must include the following considerations and interests: consumer protection, cultural identity,  economic considerations, and consumer interests above and beyond mere health and safety..” See Premiumbeautynews.com, April 8, 2014.