The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced on Friday 10 May that the full-scale roll out of its Smart Metering programme will be delayed until autumn 2015. The roll-out was originally scheduled to begin in summer 2014.

The programme is now designed to bring smart meters into all UK homes by the end of 2020, a year later than planned. The meters will show exactly how much gas and electricity is used on a daily basis, removing the need for estimated bills and facilitating, it is hoped, a cut in household energy use.

DECC said the consistent message from bidders for Data Communications Company service provider contracts was that “more time was needed if the mass roll-out was to get off to the best possible start”, reflecting the need for an extended period to build and test the systems.

An updated high level review of the Smart Meters delivery plan will be published by DECC later in 2013.