The London Borough of Camden has been fined £40k and ordered to pay £16,445 costs following an incident which led a 24 year old scaffolder being fatally electrocuted when he touched an unearthed external light fitting. Investigations by the Police and the HSE concluded that the earth wire inside the connection box had been cut, although the reason for this was unknown. It became apparent that the council did not have testing and maintenance records for the electrical installation on site, despite the works being installed in the 1980's. There was also an absence of records that five yearly inspections had been carried out on a periodic basis, as recommended by the IEE Wiring Regulations. It was established that a former employee, Edward Whelan, had cause to send a dossier of concerns to the HSE after his repeated warnings to his superiors about substandard electrical work were ignored. The council admitted a charge under s.3(1) of the Heath and Safety at Work Act that it exposed a non-employee to risks from its undertaking.