The Ministry of Work, in association with the Ministry of Telecommunications, intends to implement home office and the efficient use of telecommunications in the labor sector, with the purpose to achieve sustainable urban development, reduce the negative effects upon the environment and provide transportation, mobility and welfare for all society.

As one of the first steps to achieve the mentioned purpose, the Colombian Government, headed by the aforementioned ministries, organized the First Forum of Home Office and Sustainable Cities, which was held on November 14, 2014 in Bogotá D.C. During this forum the Government emphasized on the need to increase the work from the home of the employees. According with the indicators, the number of home office workers increased a 26 percent since 2012, which implies an increase from 31.553 to 39.767 employees during this period. In the Colombian Government's view, this fact demonstrates the commitment of entities and employers with home office policy.

During the forum, the Government announced that for the next four years specific goals will be introduced in the public policies in order to advance on this alternative for employees. Thus, Colombian Government aspires to achieve more than 120,000 home office workers by 2018.

Considering the above mentioned, the main purpose of the Colombian Government is to reduce the unemployment rate in the country and to provide tools for the access to employment for certain groups of the population, such as prisoners under house arrest, disabled individuals, women under pregnancy leave and people living away from their workplace, which is also relevant considering our current social and political situation.