There are five public service ombudsmen who handle complaints against public bodies and include the parliamentary ombudsman for administration, the health service ombudsman, the public services ombudsman for Wales, the Local Government ombudsman and the housing ombudsman.

The Law Commission’s recent consultation paper entitled Law Commission Consultation Paper - Public Service Ombudsmen (the consultation paper) was published on 2 September 2010. The paper proposes amendments to current legislation which aims to improve the efficiency and transparency of the ombudsmen as well as ensuring that there is a clear redress system for complaints to ensure that administrative failures are remedied. The origins of this consultation paper stem from the Law Commission’s project on administrative redress and their initial consultation paper entitled Administrative Redress: Public Bodies and the Citizen (July 2008) (the initial consultation paper). Provisional proposals within this initial consultation paper were met favourably. However, certain consultees felt proposals; particularly those relating to the Pubic Services Ombudsmen needed further development. The consultation period will run until the 3 December 2010 .