TIGTA Issues Report on Referrals for Impermissible Political Activity: In a report dated October 4 that was released today, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reviewed the processing of referrals alleging impermissible political activity by tax-exempt organizations. TIGTA found that the newly-created Political Activities Referral Committee (PARC) has been independently reviewing the referrals it has received alleging impermissible political activity, and TIGTA found no sign that the political leanings of the organizations were a factor in the decisions made by PARC. TIGTA reported that most allegations of political campaign intervention or lobbying were not forwarded to PARC for review as required under the Internal Revenue Manual, finding that only 19 referrals were made to PARC out of the more than 6,500 allegations received by the IRS during the yearlong period of TIGTA’s review. The IRS responded that it did not forward allegations that were procedurally insufficient.

IRS Releases Statistics on Individual Income Tax Percentiles: Today, the IRS released statistics showing individual income tax rates and tax shares, including tax return information on the number of individual returns, adjusted gross income, selected income items, credits, total income tax, and average tax rates by selected percentile classes.