A California court has dismissed with prejudice a putative class action suit filed against Natural-Immunogenics Corp. over its Sovereign Silver dietary supplements. Nilon v. Natural-Immunogenics Corp., No. 12-0930 (S.D. Cal., order entered May 22, 2015; sanctions memorandum filed June 24, 2015). Natural-Immunogenics advertised its colloidal silver hydrosol supplement as boosting immunity, which the plaintiff had alleged violated California’s unfair competition and false advertising laws. In dismissing the case, the court rebuked the attorneys for the lead plaintiff, saying that “the slightest amount of diligence” would have been enough to learn that the lead plaintiff did not live in California and was not a member of the class. The court further noted that the plaintiff’s publicly available criminal history showing his Arizona address contradicted the complaint’s claims that he had lived in San Diego County and purchased the product there. In June 2015, Natural-Immunogenics filed a request for $91,863.96 in monetary sanctions against the plaintiff’s attorney, arguing that he hid information about the class representative.