1. Specimen of the mark
  2. Name, address and nationality/domicile of the applicant
  3. Nature of business of the applicant, e.g. manufacturers, merchants, etc.
  4. Specification of goods for which the mark is applied
  5. International classification of goods
  6. Whether the mark is in use. If yes, please specify period of user
  7. Transliteration and translation of non-English words appearing in the mark


  1. A Power of Attorney simply signed by the applicant, witnesses and stamped/sealed.
  2. An Application Form for Registration simply signed by the applicant, witnesses and stamped/sealed.
  3. A certified copy of the home or foreign registration certificate along with its authenticated translation in English by a Notary Public (in case the Registration pertains to a non-English speaking jurisdiction). Please note that the certified copy of home/foreign registration would be required separately for each class per mark in case the home/foreign country registration is not a multi-class Registration. For a multi-class registration, one certified copy per mark would suffice, as long as it covers all the proposed classes.
  4. If the subject mark contains any character of local languages (like Japanese, Chinese etc.), the meaning of that character in English must be stated and certified by Notary Public and other legal authorized institutions. (Separately for each mark/class)
  5. Mark should be identical and Goods/Services can either be identical or narrower  in scope to those covered under the home/foreign registration /application being relied upon. In other words, the scope of goods/services cannot exceed the specification covered under the corresponding registration being relied upon.

Remark: The Notarized/certified copy of the home/foreign registration certificate is necessary to obtain registration in Nepal. If the mark has not attained registration in any country, an application in the home/foreign jurisdiction, where registration is expected to ensue within a short span, can form the basis of the application in Nepal. Nevertheless, the mark will be considered for registration only upon producing the certified copy of the corresponding certificate of Registration.

In case the application in Nepal is lodged on the basis of a foreign/home country Application; a copy of the application as filed and the filing receipt is required in support of the Nepalese application.

Other Information

  • PRIORITY can be claimed.
  • SERVICE MARK applications up to 45 classes can be filed.
  • No provision for MULTI-CLASS Application/s.
  1. Renewal forms executed on letter head of the Applicant Company
  2. Original registration certificate to be submitted
  3. If original registration certificate not traceable, application forms to be executed by Applicant to obtain duplicate copy of certificate to support the renewal application.
  4. POA to be provided one time and copies can be used for subsequent renewals/applications etc.
  5. There is a grace period of 35 days from date of expiry of the last renewal and renewal within these 35 days can be attended to without late fee. If renewal is not filed even within the grace period of 35 days, the applicant has 6 months to attend to renewal with late fee.