Yesterday's Blog stated that "companies and executive compensation professionals generally have four opportunities each year to interact with ISS" and observed that the first one was now open.  Several inquiring readers wanted to know:  What are the other three?

  1. The first opportunity, which I addressed on Monday is when ISS provides a survey each year seeking input from corporations and investors.
  2. The second opportunity for companies to make general comments on ISS policies comes after ISS issues its proposed policy updates, usually in October, and before it issues its final policy updates, usually in late November.
  3. Then, usually in mid-January ISS gives all companies free access to its data verification site, where a company (or its advisors) can review and, if necessary, correct the data ISS has collected on the company's ISS Governance QuickScore factors.
  4. Finally, of course, companies have an opportunity to correct errors in the information set forth in ISS' Report on the company's proxy. This can be a challenge, as ISS is working its way through more than 1,000 proxies and reports.