Decree-Law n.º 61/2013, of the 10th of May, has as its objective the transposition to the national law of the Directive n.º 2011/16/EU, of the Council of the 15th of February of 2011, concerning administrative cooperation regarding taxation.

Directive n.º 2011/16/EU, identified above, is based on the results of Directive n.º 77/799/EEC, referred to above, however it establishes clearer and more developed rules to govern the administrative cooperation between Member States and provides tools that are likely to ensure a more efficient action against tax and fraud evasion within the international context, thus avoiding significant losses of tax revenue. The new elements incorporated in this policy are among others: (i) a substantial extension of the scope of administrative cooperation in tax matters and cooperation arrangements, (ii) the inclusion of information held by banking or financial institutions, (iii) the introduction of mandatory and automatic exchange in certain areas, (iv) setting deadlines to proceed with the transmission of information, (v) the feedback and the use of normal forms and channels of communication.