A draft amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act was submitted to the Polish Parliament last week. The draft aims to postpone the entry into force of a new support mechanism for renewable energy sources in Poland. The original date of 1 January 2016 will be put back by 6 months to the middle of the year. The main aim of the act is the transition from the tradeable green certificates system currently used to a new auction-based support system.

The Act is being postponed because additional impact assessments need to be carried out on existing agricultural bio-gas installations and regulations on the location and construction of onshore wind farms need to be prepared. The latter concerns plans for defining the specific distance of newly located investments from existing household buildings.

Postponing the entry into force of the new system allows ongoing projects which have not yet started generating power (and thus, at present, are not likely to benefit from the “old” green certificates support scheme) to still be eligible for support in the form of green certificates, provided they are ready to feed electricity into the grid before 30 June 2016.