On 17 April 2017[1], a governmental resolution providing new regulations regarding the entries of foreigners and stateless citizens into Ukraine came into force. In principle, citizens of EU countries, USA, Canada and some other countries still have their 90 visa-free calendar days for visiting Ukraine within a 180 days period. However, foreigners who are to be employed in Ukraine, regardless of their citizenship, require a long-term employment visa when applying for the temporary residence permit (which will be based on their work permit for Ukraine).

With the new regulations, the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian visa has been simplified. First and foremost, an electronic visa for tourism or business trips to Ukraine was introduced. Application and issuance for single entry trips can be settled online via the internet and/or telecommunications means.

The long term visa (“type D”, mainly used for employment purposes in Ukraine) increases the allowed travelling period to 90 instead of 45 days. The visa can be received as a multiple entry visa, whereby the duration of the stay and the number of entries will be indicated in the visa document according to the judgement of the authorities.

Written evidence confirming sufficient financial funds for the intended stay in Ukraine is a mandatory document needed for the application for all visa types, regardless of time and travel purposes.

Furthermore it is now possible to arrange the date and time of the necessary personal interview for the visa application via the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The interview may be conducted online, as long as there is a possibility of a visual identification of the interviewee. Following a review of the visa application, the original passport document can be sent by courier services (at the applicant’s own expenses).

As a general rule, the visa processing fee amounts to USD 65. An “express” visa will cost twice as much. However, the exact amount is dependent on the respective double-treaties with Ukraine. For some countries no fees will incur, whereas for other countries, other fees will be collected. For a Ukrainian employment visa (regular processing time), an Austrian citizen would, for instance, need to pay a fee of USD 130.

The duration for processing the visa application was reduced to 10 calendar days starting from the registration date. An “express” visa can be obtained within five working days from the time of registration. Under certain conditions (e.g. necessary documents missing or additional documents required), obtaining the visa may last up to 30 days.