George Osborne has announced plans for a new garden city on the Thames Estuary in Ebbsfleet, Kent. "Ebbsfleet Garden City" will be built on existing brownfield land and will provide approximately 15,000 homes for between 23,000 - 34,000 residents. A development corporation will be responsible for delivering of the project.  On the face of it, Ebbsfleet ticks all the boxes: it is only 19 minutes from London (on the HS1 train line), there is existing infrastructure, the site needs redevelopment and it is located in an area of the country with the greatest pressure on housing.  In addition to this, George Osborne announced that the "Help to Buy Scheme" will be extended until 2020 (from 2016). Clearly more needs to be done, at the government level, to stimulate the construction industry and house building in particular.  But this is another encouraging step and follows on from previous good news stories, such as the introduction of a new planning court to speed up the development process.