A California appellate court has confirmed that the issue of whether a party has waived the right to arbitrate is an issue to be decided by the trial court, not the arbitrator. Defendants in a dispute regarding a stock purchase agreement moved to compel arbitration pursuant to that agreement, but only after they filed a demurrer to the complaint, moved to require plaintiffs to furnish a bond, and commenced their own lawsuit against plaintiffs for alleged misrepresentations made in connection with the purchase agreement. Plaintiffs opposed the motion to compel arbitration by arguing that defendants waived the right to arbitrate through this litigation conduct. The trial court and the appellate both agreed that the waiver issue is one for the court to decide and that defendants had waived their right to arbitrate. Hong v. CJ GGV America Holdings, Inc., Case No. B246945 (Cal. Ct. App. Dec. 18, 2013).