FSA is consulting until 7 January on how fees and levies will be calculated for 2013/2014, once the FS Bill takes effect. The proposals create distinct PRA and FCA fee-blocks for dual-regulated firms, and another FCA fee-block for solo-regulated firms. In addition, the proposals introduce a PRA Transitions costs fee-block that will only apply to dual-regulated firms. Small firms that only pay the PRA minimum fee will be exempted from this Transitions costs fee-block. The FCA fee-block for solo-regulated firms also has an FCA Prudential costs fee-block that will not apply to small firms that only pay the FCA minimum fee. The consultation also proposes revised fee discounts for EEA branches and maintaining the £50,000 trigger point for PRA and FCA to be able to levy restructuring special project fees. (Source: Regulatory Fees and Levies: Policy Proposals for 2013/14)