The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has circulated a draft report of its most recent Nanotechnology Standards Panel meeting. Established in 2004, the panel facilitates nanotechnology standards development, with an initial focus on terminology and nomenclature, to develop a common language for different industry sectors. Most attendees were from government or standards agencies, although several trade group representatives and academics were also present, including a representative from the Personal Care Products Council; they discussed what it would take to increase participation by stakeholders and referred to ANSI’s Standards Boost Business initiative as a model for showcasing the benefits of participation in nanotechnology standardization activities.

Other issues addressed during the meeting included (i) questions about adapting the current National Nanotechnology Initiative definition of nanotechnology to “accommodate the biological impacts of larger size particles,” referred to as the “nano-bio interface”; (ii) the European Union’s requirement for labeling “nano” food starting in 2014 and distinctions in the EU between the definition of “nano” in foods and the Cosmetics Directive definition; (iii) a Consumer Product Safety Commission acknowledgement that more robust data are needed for agencies to understand how to assess potential exposures and toxicity of nanomaterials; and (iv) the need for validated measurement methods to advance standardization efforts.