NHS Resolution has recently released updated claims scorecards, which allow members to review claims data for all clinical and non-clinical incidents occurring in the past five years. The scorecards are designed to help members understand the value and volume of their claims by specialty and cause, and to help target interventions aimed at improving patient safety.

Where to find the scorecards

Members can access the scorecards via the NHS Resolution extranet page as follows:

  • login using existing extranet credentials;
  • select the ‘organisation documents‘ from the list on the left hand side of the extranet home page; and
  • members can also authorise who in their organisation may access the scorecards via the extranet.

NHS Resolution has produced a scorecard interactive tool webinar, to guide members through the process of using their scorecard, which is available on the extranet.

How to use the scorecards

NHS Resolution recommends that members should:

  • Share headline data with the board, particularly the medical director and director of nursing, on the value and volume of all claims by specialty and cause to facilitate discussion.
  • Produce an integrated report which triangulates complaints, (serious) incidents and claims.
  • Develop a reporting template from the scorecards for use at divisional/ quality committee level.
  • Interrogate claims and the costs of these within each division, and engage all staff on your trust’s claims profile.
  • Utilise the scorecards to consider areas for a targeted quality improvement focus for the reduction of clinical and non-clinical claims.
  • Be aware that the CQC may ask you for your claims scorecards as part of its lines of data gathering in preparation for an inspection visit.