Baby food manufacturer Plum Organics has agreed to adjust its products’ names to more accurately reflect their contents in light of threatened litigation from consumer group Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). CSPI contended Plum's products misleadingly featured names highlighting their "healthful, high-value ingredients, such as kale, quinoa, blueberries, and green beans," but were composed mostly of "less healthful, less-valuable ingredients, such as apple juice or apple puree." Further details about CSPI's letters to Plum and Gerber appear in Issue 565 of this Update.

“Plum’s label improvements will be of enormous help to parents, who want to know at a glance what’s in the food they buy for their infants and toddlers and don’t have time to authenticate information on the front package by reading through every ingredient and disclosure on the back of the package,” said CSPI Litigation Director Maia Kats in an October 22, 2015, press release. “By naming its pouched products based on the predominance of major ingredients, Plum will help push the marketplace in the right direction. We are pleased with the seriousness and dedication with which Plum addressed the concerns we brought to them in May. We hope other baby and toddler food companies follow Plum’s leadership.”