The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has published two new pieces of guidance on the use of electronic communications (eCommunications) and mobile devices. Assistant EDPS Wojciech Wiewiorowski said in a press release earlier this month that the guidelines offered practical advice in applying data protection principles such as those enshrined in the Data Protection Act 1998 to digital communications. Both areas required specific advice due to the complex and fast-evolving nature of communications technology, he added.

The guidance, which supports EU Regulation 45/2001, may be of particular assistance to employers with regard to telephone, internet and mobile devices used by their employees. Areas covered by the eCommunications guidelines include:

  •  Billing and management of communications services;
  •  Monitoring of or access to emails in the employee's absence; and
  •  Disciplinary proceedings

The Mobile Devices guidelines deal with the processing of personal data created in relation to employees using mobile devices, as well as advice on acceptable-use policies.