It’s official: in line with our initial prediction, the Kardashians have renamed their makeup brand, initially launched as “Khroma Beauty,” to “Kardashian Beauty” to avoid any potential customer confusion.

This decision comes less than two months after a preliminary injunction issued by a California Court based on the trademark infringement suit filed by Florida-based cosmetics company, Kroma Makeup.

The brand’s licensor is “confident that it’s not the name that matters to [the label’s] fans, but the Kardashian sisters’ commitment to making this line a true reflection of their love for cosmetics.”  In light of the tremendous empire the Kardashian sisters have built over the last decade, replacing the brand’s old name with the valuable Kardashian name could increase the value of the brand itself.

With the announcement of the rebranding of the makeup line, Kardashian Beauty will proceed with its expanded availability in Duane Reade, CVS, and Sears retail outlets across the country in two to three weeks.