The amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act signed by the President on 29 June 2018 includes a change of the rules for offshore projects regarding applying for and participation in auctions of electricity from renewable energy sources, that will most likely facilitate the investment process in this sector.

  • Within the given frames for this year's auctions, the amendment stipulates that offshore projects will be placed in the same auction basket with hydropower, bioliquids and geothermal energy (basket no. 2).
  • Within auction basket no. 2, new installations that will start producing energy after winning the auction and whose capacity exceeds 1 MW can sell in the auction up to 5,400,000 MWh of energy for the maximum amount of over PLN 2.5 billion (approx. EUR 607 million). The maximum price for 1 MWh for which electricity from offshore wind farms can be sold in the 2018 auction amounts to PLN 450 (approx. EUR 105).
  • A great facilitation for investors is a release from the currently binding obligation to have a valid building permit to participate in the auction, which will greatly speed up and simplify the investment process.
  • Another significant indicator for investing decisions in the offshore sector is the draft plan for spatial development of internal seawaters, the territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone of the Baltic Sea, which together with the environmental impact assessment was published on 19 June this year by the Maritime Office in Gdynia. The draft plan indicates i.e. the optimal places in the Baltic Sea for the development of offshore installations, already issued localisation permits for offshore wind farms and planned connection infrastructure.