The media has dubbed the first working Monday of the New Year ‘Divorce Day’ following a spike in enquiries made following the festive period.

Christmas is often full of joy, but the untold story of Christmas is that of high tension, the pursuit of perfection and stress. This cocktail of factors can lead to individuals taking stock and deciding upon separation if they are no longer happy in their relationship.

The latest figures suggest that over 40,500 people in the UK are expected to search online for divorce throughout January - a 25% increase on usual traffic throughout the year. Family teams up and down the country are therefore on alert for the increased enquiries.

The Office of National Statistics has also found that the average length of a marriage is now 12 years, with 42% of marriages ending in divorce, only strengthening the statistics surrounding the phenomenon of divorce day in January.

Despite the increased media coverage of ‘online divorces’ or ‘25-second divorces’, getting legal advice at an early stage is absolutely vital, to enable parties to understand the process and take the appropriate actions.

A family lawyer is able to guide an individual through this emotional process, taking into account all financial and children considerations to achieve the best possible solution for their client.