Bridgestone Corporation ("Bridgestone") filed for registration of trademark "冷卻鰭" (Chinese translation of "Cooling Fin") on the goods "tires" in International Class 12 but was pre-rejected by TIPO on the grounds that the Chinese characters are descriptive to the designated goods and lacks distinctiveness. This firm assisted Bridgestone to submit a rebuttal brief and made the following contentions: (1) Bridgestone created the mark to demonstrate its run-flat tires. "冷卻鰭" does not directly describe the quality, function of the designated "tires"; no other business in the industry had ever used the term to describe tires, and the registration of "冷卻鰭" on the designated goods of tires will not affect fair competition in the industry. (2) The corresponding Roman mark "COOLING FIN" has been registered for identical goods in over forty countries (including Taiwan), and, the corresponding Chinese character mark "冷卻鰭" for "COOLING FIN", is also inherently registrable. (3) Bridgestone had used the mark "冷卻鰭" and acquired secondary distinctiveness for registration purpose. Upon reconsideration, TIPO reversed the earlier decision and approved the mark for registration after further review of evidence and contention.