First, Bridgeman v United Continental Holdings Inc (2012-49093, filed 12 August 2012), in which Christopher Bridgman and Martin Borger seek damages from Continental Airlines for an incident that occurred when they returned from a vacation in Costa Rica. The couple allege that on arrival in Houston, they discovered that ‘a private sex toy’ had been removed from their luggage, smeared with ‘a greasy foul-smelling substance’ and taped to the outside of the bag. They were subjected to the ridicule of onlookers and sued the airline for intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and negligence in the training and supervision of baggage-handling employees.

Secondly, Carter v Haute Health LLC (2012-49179, filed 27 August 2012). Adrian Carter, a 29-yearold, claims that he purchased a herbal supplement called VirilisPro, which is marketed as an allnatural enhancer of sexual performance, but which allegedly had some rather unfortunate side effects. Carter says he bought the supplement at a gas station and promptly checked into a motel with his ‘paramour’. During the course of their activities, Carter claims he experienced ‘significant pain’ and swelling down below, followed by ‘a large quantity of blood squirting out of his penis’. He was diagnosed at an emergency clinic with a penile fracture and, the claim alleges, was required to have all of the skin on his membrum virile removed in order to allow the doctor to reattach his urethra. Carter alleges that he will never have an erection again, be able to father children or urinate without discomfort, and has sued the manufacturers of the supplement and its owners for marketing a dangerously defective product.