On September 24, 2015, Gigi Sohn, an advisor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, spoke at the Roger Williams School of Law in Rhode Island on the FCC’s role in consumer protection.  During her remarks, she asserted that “no FCC has been as committed to consumer protection as the Wheeler FCC” and highlighted some of the Commission’s key consumer protection initiatives during Wheeler’s tenure.  These efforts included scrutiny of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger (which was ultimately abandoned), ongoing slamming and cramming enforcement actions (led by actions against the four largest carriers for premium SMS texting charges), and increased enforcement of the Commission’s privacy and data breach rules, open internet transparency rules, rules against Wi-Fi blocking and robocalls, and public safety rules.  She also referenced the Commission’s July 10, 2015 Declaratory Ruling and Order as an example of pro-consumer activity by the agency.  Finally, in response to criticism that the FCC should not play an active role in national consumer protection efforts, Ms. Sohn commented that the Commission is an essential complement to the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice because of its unique industry expertise, ex ante regulatory approach, and authority to investigate proposed mergers under a public interest standard.