The Federal Circuit recently affirmed a cancellation of a service mark that identified its first advertisement of the mark as the date of first use. Couture v. Playdom, Inc.,(Fed. Cir. Mar. 2, 2015). Playdom filed a service mark application citing its first use of the mark as the date it started advertising services, i.e., use of the service mark on a web page. The plaintiff, who later filed a service mark application for the identical mark, filed a petition to cancel Playdom's registration. The PTO granted the petition because, at the time of Playdom's service mark registration, it had not rendered any services under the mark, but merely advertised those services on a website. Because there was no evidence in the record that Playdom offered any services using the service mark at the time of registration, the Federal Circuit affirmed the cancellation of Playdom's registration. Offering of a service, without the actual provision of a service, is not a use in commerce. Therefore, in order to successfully register a service mark, services associated with the mark must have been provided prior to registration.