The National Council for Public Private Partnerships, reengineered its 2016 “P3 Connect” annual conference June 27 to 29, 2016, posing the question “What’s Next” for public-private partnerships in the United States.  NCPPP (as it is widely known in the P3 space) launched four Institutes to offer answers.  NCPPP created four separate Transportation, Energy, Real Estate and Social Infrastructure and Water institutes, each of which met in Chicago over the three day conference starting discussions with “where are we now” and ending with “where do we go from here.”

In parallel, NCPPP reprised its P3 “Bootcamp,” drawing participants from across P3 industry to present their thoughts and experiences in “What’s Next” discussions to those who sought a primer in terminology, history, challenges and advantages.  This year’s P3 Connect offered both a “101” and “201” course of study that offered both introductory and deeper looks into P3s structures, implementation, financings and challenges.

Several prominent projects and peoples were recognized with the 2016 National Public-Private Partnership Awards.  The Excellence in Individual Leadership Award was given to John Picerne, founder and CEO of the Corvias Group, which itself is comprised of three companies fostering long-term relationships in the military and university housing spaces, as well as the Corvias Solutions arm, fostering creative P3 opportunities, most recently with renewable energy platforms on military facilities as well as the first-of-its-kind Prince George’s County stormwater P3.  Infrastructure Project Awards went to Presidio Parkway and the Grand Parkway Project, two landmark transportation projects that are in service.  Other awards recognized creative municipal redevelopments and the merits of service-based P3s with the “NYC SAFE Disposal Program,” which granted a concession to manage household hazardous materials disposal in New York City.

NCPPP anticipates continued work through its Institutes, including plans to stand up a federal P3 Institute as the P3 market continues to explore new spaces.

NCPPP is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 1985 and reimagined in the early 2010’s and presents itself as a forum for the brightest ideas and innovators in the partnership arena.  NCPPP, and each of its institutes, advocates for the advantages of P3 solutions to infrastructure and other challenges and facilitates the formation of P3s to deliver solutions to those challenges.