In this episode of the Verrill Voices podcast, labor and employment attorney Doug Steinmetz discusses what employers need to know when considering or conducting internal investigations. Whether the investigation is triggered by an employee conflict, sexual harassment claim, or another event, your ability to conduct an effective investigation can pay enormous dividends. In particular, as stated by Doug in the podcast, it can decrease your liability to employee lawsuits and enforcement actions by government agencies, help to identify problems with your business and their solutions, and can build credibility with your employees.

More specifically, Doug outlines the four stages for conducting a proper internal investigation:

  1. Planning and organizing the investigation, including when to conduct one, identifying a purpose and goals, and who should conduct it.
  2. How to conduct the investigation and how to develop the investigation plan.
  3. What to do at the conclusion of the investigation, including the documenttation of results into a final report.
  4. Follow up and what to do with the final report.

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