Lanny Davis, one of the attorneys who represented former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment ordeal, is facing a potential investigation in connection with his representation of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Kane is facing accusations that she committed perjury and other offenses in connection with a claim that Kane improperly released information related to a grand jury investigation of a local NAACP president (the investigation did not result in charges).

While representing Kane in her leak case, Davis may have improperly leaked a document that had been sealed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. In the sealed order, the Pennsylvania high court blocked a Montgomery County prosecutor from bringing criminal charges against Kane. Although the word SEALED was apparently stamped in red on the document, the court had alerted journalists to the basic contents of the order. Davis claims he received a copy of the order form a journalist, along with documentation suggesting that the order had been unsealed.

Davis passed out copies of the sealed order to reporters.

Davis has acknowledged that, in response, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court asked the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board to consider disciplining Davis for the disclosure. The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that Davis’s response was, “This is some definition of leak. I did it on the record, during a press conference, with all of the media.”

A search for Davis’s name on the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board website indicates that Davis is not licensed in Pennsylvania (it’s not clear if he is admitted pro hac vice for the Kane matter), so it is unclear what action the Pennsylvania Board can take. coverage is here.

Tribune-Democrat background on the Kane investigation is here.